Author: Erika Urban

Changes are hard!

Changes can be hard. We have been reflecting on this simple fact quite a bit at River Valley Birth Center […]
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2018 Statistics!

What a great year 2018 was! We cannot believe the year is over and we are now well into 2019. […]
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Lies, damned lies, and statistics: A look at 2017 River Valley Birth Center in numbers

I hope the title of this post isn’t misleading. I promise I have no intention on lying to anyone. It […]
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Benefits of your state-funded insurance plan you may not be aware of

The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation reported that 43% of the births in the state of Minnesota in 2014 were […]
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RVBC 2016 stats: The Year of the 0% C-Section Rate

What an amazing year 2016 has been! Like many practices, we keep a close eye on our statistics and outcomes […]
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Prenatal Care at River Valley Birth Center

Something we happen to offer at River Valley Birth Center is amazing prenatal care. Midwifery care tends to be a […]
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Revamping the Midwife Interview

The Interview Ah, the old midwife interview. If you are searching for a midwife, you will soon see there are […]
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Image of Erika Urban

Meet Erika Urban, CPM, LM and birth center director

Erika Urban is the owner and director of River Valley Birth Center as well as one of the midwives. Erika […]
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Image of Joseph Urban

Meet Joseph Urban, co-owner and property manager

Joseph Urban is a co-owner of the birth center and also does our property management. Joe is quite active in […]
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Explanation of Insurance Coverage

We probably answer more questions about insurance than any other subject. This is because it can be a confusing topic. […]
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