Benefits of your state-funded insurance plan you may not be aware of

The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation reported that 43% of the births in the state of Minnesota in 2014 were paid for by medicaid. At River Valley Birth Center we find that typically over 75% of our clients at any given time are on medicaid plans. This has allowed for us to learn a lot more about some of the benefits available in these different plans that families may not be aware of.

Car Seats

Some health plans will pay for carseats! You can contact your plan or your county for more information, but we were able to dig up a few links for you as well! This list is not all inclusive, it was just the programs that were easiest to find. If your PMAP company isn’t listed here, give them a call and ask if your plan covers a free car seat for your baby!



South Country Health Alliance



Most of our clients do tend to be aware that their plan will cover a breast pump. When you are in for a prenatal visit in your third trimester, be sure to mention to us that you would like a prescription for a breast pump and we will take care of that for you.


Childbirth Education Classes

Medical assistance covers some childbirth education courses. Unfortunately, there aren’t any covered classes in St Peter…. yet. One goal we have for 2018 would be to add a childbirth education program that is approved to be covered by MA plans. Of course, every new program takes time to build and babies tend to show up on any of the days that we think, “This is a great paperwork day and I will get so much done!”

So, here are some links to other childbirth education classes that are able to accept medical assistance for payment:





Ok, well the tricky part with this is that while medicaid programs in Minnesota will pay for a doula, they will only pay for a doula who is on a registry with the state, after certifying with a specific list of organizations, and only if the services are billed under the NPI of a physician, nurse practitioner, or CNM. The payment to the doula is about 50-75% less than what most doulas charge, so you can imagine that all of this is hard to come by. Again, we have high hopes of getting something up and running in 2018 for our clients at RVBC…. this will likely take even longer than the childbirth education plan, but we have things in the works.

In the meantime, here is the one doula program we could find that accepts MA. You can always see if there is someone available through them to cover your chosen birth location by sending in a request. Clearly this is an area that needs expansion in our state!



Gift Cards just for going to care!

This is probably my favorite category. Our clients want to come and see us for prenatal care anyhow, so you might as well get gift cards and vouchers for it! Honestly, we haven’t been filling out many of these lately and yet we know MANY of our clients qualify!



South Country Health Alliance

UCare Prenatal

UCare Postnatal

Hennepin Health




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