Changes are hard!

Changes can be hard. We have been reflecting on this simple fact quite a bit at River Valley Birth Center lately. Sarah Barbosa, CPM, LM came here first as a student midwife and then later as a midwife and we have been so lucky to be part of her journey. She is entering into some new adventures, so while change is hard, it can also be a beautiful time of transformations. We are excited to see what the future brings for Sarah as she enters a new phase.

Here are Sarah’s own words:

“Part of my joy in being a Minnesotan, is the change in seasons. I look forward to each new season with excitement and a little bit of nostalgia at the one past. As our winter (finally! Maybe?!) seems to be easing into the past and the warmth of spring slipping more fully upon us, I too am looking ahead to a “change of season” in my life. It is with sadness, nostalgia and also some excitement that I have made the difficult decision to resign my position as Staff Midwife; June 30th will be my final day at River Valley Birth Center. This decision was not made lightly as the clients, staff and birth center itself are very near and dear to my heart and will continue to remain so.

My children are growing up much too quickly; with my youngest in his freshman year of high school and the empty-nester years looming a little too close for comfort, I’m looking forward to soaking in every single second I can with my not-so-little kiddos while I still have them under my roof. I’m also looking forward to slowing down my pace a little; maybe sleeping through the entire night, doing some traveling, and finding time to read for fun.

However, don’t worry, I’m certainly not leaving midwifery behind me! I’ll be busy taking classes, slowly working toward my Masters degree with the end goal of teaching the next generation of midwives. I’ll be keeping my foot in the door of the birth world, by assisting and covering call time for some homebirth midwives in the Twin Cities and Rochester areas and maybe even popping-in to assist or cover vacation time at River Valley Birth Center.

River Valley Birth Center is this amazing gem of true woman and family centered midwifery care within our community! It has been such a privilege to have even a small part in it and I can’t wait to continue to watch it grow and blossom in the years ahead!

Most of all, I want to say THANK YOU! Each and every person (clients, co-workers, doulas, students, etc) that I’ve interacted with during my time at RVBC, holds a very special place in my heart. Every family that I’ve crossed paths with, either as your midwife, as a student midwife or the assisting midwife, has been a blessing to me in some way!

-Sarah Barbosa, CPM, LM”


2 Responses to “Changes are hard!”

  • Sara / / Reply

    Sarah was the biggest blessing to me all the way through 2 birth center babies and I will miss you so so much! Thank you for all your love and amazing care. You’ll be so missed.

  • Olivia Hageman / / Reply

    You helped me bring two kiddos into the world! You are a wonderful midwife and will be an amazing teacher. I’m so grateful for all your help, kindness, humor, and care. My memories of birthing at RVBC I will cherish forever.
    Best of luck to you and enjoy those kiddos!
    Much love from all the Hageman’s.

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