Doula Internship

Join us!

By joining the doula internship program at River Valley Birth Center you get the opportunity to put your knowledge into practical skills use. You will get to work with families and gain valuable experience that will assist you in all your future endeavors. Births attended through the Doula Internship Program can be submitted for certification and if your organization requires providers to evaluate your work, we will happily fill out those forms.

Doula Interns will be listed on our website and their information will be shared with prospective clients who wish to have labor support. Clients will choose their doula and interact directly with them. Interns are invited to participate in our childbirth education programs as well as volunteer at the birth center, which gives them the chance to meet families while continuing their educations. Doula Interns will also have access to our lending library of books and videos during the program. After doulas complete the internship program, they are provided with a certificate of completion and their information will be listed on our “Labor Support Recommendations” handout that is provided to our clients.


How to get started:

  1. Complete a birth doula training program
  2. Fill out our application: RVBC Doula Intern Application
  3. We will schedule an interview with you and take a photo for our website
  4. Submit all documentation required to RVBC
  5. Start supporting women in labor!


  • Doula interns should attempt to participate in our education programs as this is the best way to meet prospective families as well as get to know our team, which also leads to more recommendations!
  • Provide 1 prenatal meeting with the client, this is used as a chance to get to know one another as well as go over any birth plans
  • Provide support through entire labor and birth at birth center, home, or hospital
  • Provide 1 postpartum meeting with client to review birth and check-in