Prenatal Care at River Valley Birth Center

Something we happen to offer at River Valley Birth Center is amazing prenatal care. Midwifery care tends to be a unique experience. Midwives are able and willing to order lab work and ultrasounds. We perform all of the same clinical skills that a physician would do during a prenatal visit. The biggest difference tends to be in how decisions are made and information is provided.

Midwives provide care under the Midwives Model of Care, which you can read more about here. This model stresses the importance of informed consent and shared decision making. Procedures and tests are fully explained and all questions are answered. Women are able to make choices about how they want their care to look. They often are provided with longer appointment times so they can ask questions and gather information. Prenatal care is essential for the health and wellbeing of a mother and baby.

At River Valley Birth Center, we are dedicated to improving outcomes for all pregnant women. We think prenatal education is a huge part of that. We also think that prenatal care should be enjoyable and even fun! We have provided this service for women who want to birth with us and recently, after doing a survey about barriers to prenatal care, have decided to more widely provide this care to women who do not wish to birth with our practice.

In a small, community-based birth center, we are able to provide more time for each woman to get care while also not subjecting women to long times in a waiting room. If you have a 9am appointment, your visit starts promptly at 9. Visits are not double booked. Children are welcome to come with to the visits, if this is what a woman prefers. We try to be respectful of other’s schedules and get them back on their way as soon as our appointment is complete.

We welcome women experiencing low-risk pregnancies to come to us for care regardless of their preferred birth location. If a woman would like a hospital birth, we can transfer her care at 36 weeks, with complete records, to the hospital-based provider of her choice. Should a woman not be certain what practice to transfer to, we can assist her in finding a hospital-based practice that best matches her needs and desires for her upcoming birth. We have a few practices we adore and can tell families all of the hospitals that have the most family-friendly policies. We also welcome low-risk women to remain in our care through the birth and postpartum time. We want each woman to have the care that fits her needs best.

We are able to accept health insurance for care, subject to each individual plan’s coverage. We also can provide a reasonable price for women who are uninsured or under-insured. If a woman has questions about coverage or pricing of visits, we welcome a phone call or email. We also always recommend that a woman check with her insurance company directly.

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