River Valley Birth Center

River Valley Birth Center has closed as of 6/6/2024.

Transferring your care and/or accessing your records

Download Your Medical Record- Self Service

The easiest and most time efficient way to access your records is to utilize your patient portal: AthenaHealth. Under the "My Health" tab select "Health Records" and follow the instructions to download a copy of your chart. You may share this information with the healthcare provider of your choosing or keep for your own information. This download will be a continuity of care document and will cover the major highlights of your care including diagnosis codes, dates of service, history of present illness, and some discussion details. Many healthcare providers can already access this information if their health system is part of a shared care network that connects electronic medical records for better continuity of care. 

Or Requesting Your Record

Another option is to fill out a release of information which allows us to send the details you select to another healthcare provider or to yourself. It is important to fill out the ROI completely. We are not able to fulfill requests to transfer records without full contact information of the client and the provider/clinic where we are to send the records to. Release of Information Form

Maintenance of health records following the closure of a healthcare practice

All records will be retained by Erika Urban, acting as custodian of records. 

Prenatal exam room
A woman holding her newborn after giving birth at River Valley Birth Center
Erika, a midwife, holding a newborn during his first examination at the birth center

It has been an honor providing care to our community. Thank you.

River Valley Birth Center
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