Current COVID- 19 Guidelines

Updated January 13, 2022

At River Valley Birth Center we are dedicated to the health and wellness of the families we serve, our own families, and our greater community. We continue to follow the guidelines recommended for healthcare facilities.

Our guidelines for clinic are as follows:

  • We continue to offer care in person while also having virtual visits available.

  • For in-office appointments we are requesting the client come alone or with only their partner. During office appointments all individuals must be masked with a proper fitting mask that covers their mouth and nose.

  • If the client or anyone in their household is ill with a contagious disease/infection, the appointment needs to be rescheduled and/or performed virtually.

  • We try to schedule our appointments to avoid multiple clients being in the building at the same time, if you arrive early, please stay in your car until your appointment time.

Our guidelines for births are as follows:

  • The client does not need to remain masked when in their birth room, although they may do so if they prefer.

  • Support person(s) from the same household need to wear a mask anytime they leave the birth room. If our staff is in the birth room working in close proximity, the support person should be masked.

  • Any support people from outside the birthing family's home must remain masked the entire time they are in the facility.

  • Laboring and/or birthing in water continues to be offered.

  • Nitrous oxide for pain relief continues to be offered.

  • It is important for our clients to have the emotional support they desire. We welcome partners, doulas, family members, etc. as guests in our facility. The size of the support team will still be subject to the constraints of the physical space of the birth room with patient safety in mind. During the course of your prenatal care, we can review your wishes.

  • If an individual has been directed to quarantine, they are not permitted in the facility until their quarantine is complete.

  • Anyone who is ill or has been informed of lab results indicating they may have a contagious illness/infection may not come into the facility as many various illnesses can cause serious complications for newborns.

  • Our staff will be wearing appropriate PPE and smiling with our eyes to show how delighted we are to work with you during this special time in your life.

Notice: The current guidelines apply even if individuals have antibodies for COVID-19 after infection and/or have been vaccinated.