Employment & Clinical Placement

Employment at River Valley Birth Center

If you are interested in working at River Valley Birth Center as a birth assistant, we are currently accepting applicants. Position is part time (based on birth volume). Call schedule will be mutually agreed upon when setting up the schedule each month.

Job description: The birth assistant's role is to be the primary assistant to the midwife during labor, birth, and immediate postpartum time at River Valley Birth Center. Duties include: charting and keeping time, setting up supplies as needed, assisting in taking vitals (as appropriate), assisting with discharge procedures, terminal cleaning and restocking of birth center, and assisting the midwife with emergency care when needed.

  • Current certifications in Neonatal Resuscitation and adult CPR (or ability to gain within 1 month of start date).

  • Interest in learning additional clinical skills under supervision

  • A desire to support families utilizing the Midwifery Model of Care

On the job training is provided to include clinical skills, OSHA and HIPAA training, and emergency drills. During orientation the birth assistant will work alongside either our current birth assistant or the 2nd midwife, allowing for development of skills and confidence.

Send letter of interest and resume to: careers@rivervalleybirthcenter.com

Clinical Placement for Students

We currently have 1 opening for a student midwife for a clinical placement at River Valley Birth Center for a student enrolled in a MEAC program. Send letter of interest and resume/CV to: careers@rivervalleybirthcenter.com