Car seat Programs

June 2023

If you are on a Minnesota Health Care Program (also known as Medicaid or MA or MinnesotaCare), you may be eligible to get a car seat for free, covered by your insurance! 

Car seats are not exactly cheap, but we all know they are crucial to keeping the smallest Minnesotans safe in a moving vehicle. If you have insurance through MHCP, we encourage you to explore the options available to you. You may also be eligible to get a car seat for an older child, up to age 8. This is especially helpful as your family grows and you have to adjust everyone's position in the car. 

We will list a few of the programs that can assist you in buckling that baby up.

County Carseat Programs- Find your county and contact the organization listed.

Everyday Miracles- BluePlus, Ucare, HealthPartners, and HennepinHealth PMAP programs

Even if you don't have an MHCP health plan, you should utilize the services of a car seat safety technician to inspect your car seat and be sure it is installed correctly. Ideally, this should be done prior to your baby being born. Approximately 80% of carseats are installed incorrectly and incorrect use reduces the safety. We recommend that families have their carseats installed and inspected by an appropriate entity by 36 weeks of pregnancy. Find out who inspects car seats in your county: Car seat inspections